Well drilling/water drilling

If you don’t have municipal water, having your own well drilled is a good, environment-friendly alternative. We carry out a turnkey contract, which means that we both drill and install the pumping equipment required. The choice of pump depends on factors such as how deep the well is.

When you choose us as a supplier, we always make a home visit and get back to you with a cost calculation and a quotation. We inspect the ground and perform an assessment of where the well can be located and what kind of well is suitable. Once the work is under way, drilling will as a rule take one day and the installation of the water pump one or two days. In some municipalities a permit is required, and we advise you to find out what the situation is for your particular plot of land.

Norra Dals Brunnsborrning has its own vehicle for high-pressure flushing, and we also drill for other plumbers. Contact us if you need a well drilling operator.

About well drilling:

When you are drilling for water, you drill to a depth of 100 metres. Bore holes for water drilling are bigger than a hole for ground source heating. If no water is obtained, a high-pressure flushing operation is performed, which means that the rock is cracked where it is weak