Energy drilling/ground source heating

Of around 350 drilling companies in Sweden, only ten or so carry out turnkey contracts when it comes to drilling for ground source heating and the installation of heat pumps. We are proud to be one of those companies!

When you are thinking about switching to ground source heating, there are a few things to consider. How big the building is, how many radiators there are, will there be room for the heat pump at its intended location and is it practically feasible to drill on the site, are just a few of them. Others include how much the pump generate will per annum and how much you will save by installing ground source heating. Furthermore, now you must always have a permit from the municipality before you start drilling.

When you choose us as a supplier, we always make a home visit and get back to you with a cost calculation and a quotation. We work with bedrock maps and estimate how far down it is to the rock before we start. Once the work is under way, drilling will as a rule take one day and the installation of the heat pump two days. We can of course also help you to dismantle any oil tank or old boiler that you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you if you’re considering energy drilling on your land!

Facts about ground source heating and energy drilling:

The bedrock contains stored heat energy that originally comes from the sun. The temperature in the rock is around 6-8 degrees all year round. To extract energy from the bedrock, we drill a borehole that can be up to 300 metres deep. How deep we drill depends on the building’s energy needs and what the ground is like. We then lower a hose with circulating liquid into the hole. The liquid is heated by the bedrock, which enables the ground source heat to be brought up from the borehole. The heat is extracted by a ground source heat pump, which distributes the heat to the building’s heating and water system. Once the liquid has had the heat extracted, it is pumped down into the borehole to be heated up once more.

Ground source heating is environment-friendly and sustainable. The installation cost is relatively high, but overall it is a long-term investment.